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Our offer to Energy Advisors

Effective September 1st, 2021:

Ridge Energy is offering the following filing fees across Canada for independent Energy Advisors:

D file $80 and E file $40 for existing home files

Ridge Energy?

You may not have heard of us, but Ridge Energy has performed 155,818 Energy Assessments across Canada since we attained our Service Organization Licence in 2007. That’s a lot more than most Service Organizations.

For us, our Energy Advisors are the centre of our business.  Your reputation and excellent customer service help carry the Ridge Energy brand across Canada.  It stands to reason that we shift our focus from direct homeowner marketing to better supporting Energy Advisors. 

In short, we want to make it as easy as we can for you to do your work, and we want to help you run a profitable business, and we want to do it better than any other Service Organization in Canada.  The upsides for you?  More money and much better support. The upside for Ridge Energy? We hope to be the top choice for Energy Advisors.

We want to differentiate ourselves from other Service Organizations as a top choice for filing support.  Over the next year we will:

1.   Provide the lowest filing fees for all Energy Advisors to help them get established and build their business

2.   Help experienced Energy Advisors establish Regional teams of new Energy Advisors

3.   Focus our resources on training and ongoing support for Energy Advisors

Effective September 1st, 2021:

Ridge Energy is offering the following filing fees across Canada for independent Energy Advisors:

D file $80 and E file $40 for existing home files

Payment for filing is pay-as-you-go with your credit card. We bill your credit card for each file you upload to our server for filing to NRCan.

In addition, you get all of this for free:

  • Ridge Energy Cloud access to upload your files with any browser, 24/7, backed up daily, highly secure, complete access to all of your uploaded files
  • Homeowner referrals targeted to your postal code coverage area
  • 500 business cards on registration
  • Latest information bulletin and historical data from NRCan
  • Latest incentive program info in your region
  • Generic brochures PDF for download, eg Greener Homes – Windows and Doors, Heat Pumps, Solar
  • Server access to download all NRCan info including latest H2K
  • Greener Homes training materials
  • NRCan Pillar Documents and marketing bulletins
  • Technical documentation
  • QA and feedback
  • We can process N and P files plus we will process MURB files very soon
  • Joint branding – use of Ridge Energy logo on approved materials

We also offer:

  • Customized marketing for EA/homeowner recruitment in your region using social media
  • Practical training class flat rate fee, anywhere in Canada
  • H2K D file data entry service, flat fee
  • Tech support subscription – correct errors in H2K, 24-hour turn-around
  • Blower doors and parts – Retrotec, best pricing for Ridge Energy Registered Advisors
  • Customized brochure for your region
  • Regional Leadership opportunity – deep discount filing fees, training, help getting started. The Regional Leadership opportunity includes flat rate fee for on-site training, with a minimum 2 new Energy Advisors to qualify.

Registering with Ridge Energy is non-exclusive, no contract, no agreement.


  • Download this form and fill out with your information
  • Email us with a copy of your form and the postal codes you serve to these Regional Operators:
  • We will contact you to finalize the arrangement
  • Need more info? Email us at energyadvisor@ridge.ca with your phone number and we will promptly call you

Once registered, you will receive the following:

  • Ridge Cloud Access
  • Virtual ID Badge
  • Business card form for your first 500
  • Regular NRCan updates
  • 30 Day Trial subscription to our Tech Support
  • Available HOT2000 data entry
  • Ridge Brochures download
  • Use our volume purchasing power to buy Retrotec Blower Doors and parts
  • Franchising opportunity to build your local business
  • Our new FAQ website access
  • Local Program updates – what’s new in your area for incentive programs to keep your customers up-to-date
  • All technical NRCan documentation
  • Trainee materials for getting trainees up to speed

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