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Never a Better Time for an Energy Audit

As an Ontario resident, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. Your federal and provincial governments are increasingly aware of the environmental impact our houses have on the environment – and they’re looking for ways to help residents and homeowners to do something about it.

Save on your current home renovations and energy bills with Ontario Government/Enbridge Gas Rebates.

How to Start Saving with a Home Energy Audit

Wasting money going out of a home.

When you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency you save in two ways

  1. Through an Enbridge Rebate: You can receive a rebate on your home renovations and save on costs of upgrades on heating, home insulation and other energy improvements
  2. By Lowering Your Ongoing Monthly Energy Bills: Home energy improvements will lead to lower heating, cooling and lighting bills.

How to Qualify for an Enbridge Rebate

To qualify for a homeowners’ rebate through Enbridge, you must begin with a “pre-renovation” audit. Once your home renovations are completed, you will need a “post” renovation audit.

Why Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency will save you money but there’s much more. With an investment in energy upgrades you will:

  • Enjoy your home more: Think – warm in winter, cozy, no drafts. Cooler in summer.
  • Improve your home’s resale value: Energy upgrades today boost your home’s appeal to buyers
  • Reduce your environmental footprint: Cut your energy usage, reduce your personal impact on climate change.

Enjoy Up to 50% Energy Cost Savings. Here’s how:

Here’s how homeowners have cashed in on energy savings. A typical older two storey home using 261 Gj of energy.

  • Upgrade your attic 4” insulation to 18”. Save 15 Gj per year, 6% of your energy bill
  • Upgrade your basement insulation from R0 to R12. Save 40 Gj per year, 15% of your energy bill
  • Improve your home’s airtightness – decrease draft and increase comfort by 10% save 10 Gj per year, 1% of your energy bill
  • Upgrade your heating system. Replace your conventional furnace with a high-efficiency furnace. Save 60 Gj per year, 23% of your energy bill
  • Upgrade your water heater from conventional storage to instantaneous. Save 6.8 Gj per year, 3% of your energy bill

You’ll save up to 50% of your annual energy bill.

Ridge Energy Advisors

Ridge Energy Advisors have completed over 150,000 audits across Canada. We comprehensively train every Energy Advisor. We provide consistent quality checks and continuous update training. Every Advisor uses the latest digital test equipment supplied by Retrotec Inc.

About Your Energy Audit

What to Expect

What some homeowners don’t know is that you will have 2 audits during the Energy Assessment process:

  • Before your retrofit or renovation
  • After your retrofit or renovation

After your first assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive EnerGuide Report. Your energy rating based on data collected from the audit

  • Your home’s current energy rating Formatting?
  • How Your Rated Energy is Used
  • Your Rated Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Where your home loses heat

Learn which upgrades give you the best return!

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