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Energy Rebates

CMHC/GENWORTH/Canada Guaranty Green Home – up to 25% of your premium returned

Have you purchased an existing home in the last two years?

Did you pay a Mortgage Insurance premium?

Are you thinking of doing some upgrades to your home?

Get an Energy Audit today, and find out how you can qualify for up to 25% of that mortgage insurance premium returned to you!!


  • Receive a 15% or 25% refund of the CMHC/Genworth premium you paid by upgrading the efficiency of your home
  • Within 2 years after the closing date of your mortgage
  • Complete upgrades to your home that meet the targets (click on the box below Ridge Energy brochure)
  • Home initially assessed by a Ridge Energy Advisor, EnerGuide label and reports are provided
  • Ridge Energy Advisors will perform the second qualifying assessment for your application to CMHC/Genworth
  • Example, a standard $1,000,000 mortgage with 7.5% down costs $37,000 insurance premium. You will receive up to 25% refund of the premium paid once upgrades have been completed along with your application completed and sent in.
  • Your cost is $400 plus tax for the first audit.
  • Already had an audit done by another company? Ridge Energy will obtain your file from the Federal Government, re-issue the reports and apply for the refund on your behalf, we charge only $250 for this service.

Ongoing Enbridge Rebates for Home Efficiency Upgrades

The Enbridge/Union Gas Home Efficiency Rebate – Up to $5000

To qualify for incentives in the Enbridge Gas/Union Gas program you must complete at least 2 of the following upgrades:

  1. Replace your furnace with a high-efficiency furnace (note – requires a total of three upgrades as of Jan 1st, 2020)
  2. Upgrading your basement insulation
  3. Add exterior wall insulation
  4. Increase attic insulation
  5. Improve air sealing
  6. Upgrade your windows
  7. Replace your water heater with a high efficiency instantaneous

NOTE: Your home must be heated with a natural gas furnace or boiler.

Customers who complete more than two upgrades also qualify for a bonus; $150 for 3 upgrades, $500 for 4 upgrades and $750 for 5 or more upgrades

Your registered energy advisor will walk you through all the rebates your home is eligible for and explain how to get the bonus.

Your cost is $128 for both pre and post upgrade audits, you pay a total of $678 and get a rebate of $550. First audit is $400 plus tax and the second audit is $200 plus tax.

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