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Are you renovating a home that could benefit from Energy Retrofits? The Federal Government currently offers energy savings grants to homeowners. To qualify, a homeowner must have an Energy Audit.

Ridge Energy has completed over 150,000 audits across Canada

Our Advisors are comprehensively trained and equipped with the latest digital test equipment supplied by Retrotec Inc. Ridge Energy provides consistent quality checks and continuous update training in accordance with their federal license.

Get First-rate Response Times to Your Audit Request

We know how frustrating it can be when you have to put a renovation or retrofit project on hold because you need an Energy Assessment first. We’ve prioritized eliminating lag time between your request for an Energy Assessment and when you get it done!

Raise Your Renovation Project Approval Rate

Your Energy Advisor will help you answer technical questions about home energy efficiency.

An Energy Advisor is trained to follow the NRCan protocol of performing an Energy Assessment in residential homes up to three storeys high and built under the Part 9 building code.

Ridge Energy Advisors have extensive knowledge of and experience in construction practices, energy-efficient renovations, residential building materials, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) and the science behind buildings as “systems”.  

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