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The current utility program is temporarily suspended during the pandemic. Once we re-open, we will provide information on post-pandemic home visit protocols for our Energy Assessments. Meantime – I know you are expecting a cheque if you have completed your final assessment. Call this number to find out the status Enbridge direct: 1-855-659-0549 Or call …

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erenovate – Ridge Energy partnership

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Ridge Energy has partnered with e-Renovate to help our customers get through the headache of finding contractors. Simply post your project and sit back and wait for fully bonded and fully insured contractors to provide a quote. Your project is automatically matched with the right contractors. E-Renovate provide a $25,000 deposit payment protection. Hire with …

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Preparing for An Energy Audit

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To qualify for a homeowners’ rebate through Enbridge, you must begin with a “pre-renovation” audit. Once your home renovations are completed, you will need a “post” renovation audit. Pre-Retrofit Energy Audit A pre-retrofit audit is conducted to measure the efficiency of your home prior to any upgrades or changes. A typical pre-retrofit audit takes between …

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10 Tips for your house efficiency

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Drastic reductions in heating, cooling and electricity costs can be accomplished through very simple changes, most of which homeowners can do themselves. Why make your home more energy efficient? Here are five good reasons: Rebates:Federal, Provincial, Utility and local jurisdictions financial incentives, such as tax breaks, are very advantageous for homeowners. You’ll find information about …

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