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We have completed over 150,000 home energy audits across Canada since 2002.

An Energy Audit will:

Help You Reduce Energy Costs on Your Home
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Improve Air Quality in Your Home
Increased Home Comfort
Reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions
Help You Save on Retrofit or Home Renovations

An energy audit is your first step towards savings, comfort and reduced carbon emissions.

An Energy Audit Can Lead to Significant Energy Savings

Your energy audit will show you how you can reduce your energy consumption by increasing energy efficiencies. Make a difference for your family, your community and the environment.

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An energy audit will

Show you where, when, why and how energy is being used in your home
Uncover additional energy efficiencies you can achieve
Show you how to reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions
Confirm the effectiveness of the energy-efficiency projects you implement

A Ridge Energy Advisor will perform a pre-retrofit audit – before you begin renovations or upgrades. From the report, you’ll learn your home’s current energy efficiency, ways that you can improve energy consumption and how your home performs based on the EnerGuide Rating.

An Energy Advisor inspects your home from top to bottom and conducts a blower door test to measure heat loss from drafts. Your Energy Advisor will also make recommendations so that you can optimize your energy efficiencies at home. You will receive 2 reports and an EnerGuide label.

Once your Contractor has completed your retrofits & renovations, your Advisor will return and conduct another audit. 

Take Advantage of Current Energy Efficiency Rebates

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If you’re planning renovations or upgrades to your home, you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in renovation rebates.

Learn about Enbridge’s Home Efficiency Rebates and other offers of incentive for energy retrofits.

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Show Homeowners the Energy Savings from a Retrofit or Renovation Project

And boost your renovation approval rate

Give your clients energy data and hard numbers to demonstrate the savings and rebates that they can achieve.  And use our Advisors to be your energy expert. 

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